Bernard Degavre, author, composer and performer from Brussels, releases his new album of 13 original songs.


Among the songs, we will mention among others:


  • "The European summits", a positive and smiling evocation of the city of Brussels and multicultural through the European summits.  


  • "The planet is beautiful", of which Bernard sings to us that "we should stop taking her for the ugliest starlets!"

  • "Swann and Barbara", a story of homeless youth who want to get out


  • "The power of men" which denounces autocratic powers even if the author tells us at the end of the song that "if necessary we will take it - this power - with our guitars"


  • "Au Tina's Café", where Tina invites visiting musicians to come and play on the stage of her bar which capsizes on the banks of the Gironde


  • "Rosa Parks" and her continuing struggle for civil rights in the USA


  • "Hope returns" shortly after the fall of the Wall Street bankers ... or the utopia of returning to the Woodstockian era ...


... We will let you discover the others  songs.

To Pierre Van Dormael


Label: Méli-mélo - Distribution  AMG RECORDS  and  HYSTERIAS

Recorded in Liège by Gérard Jouffroy / Studio Music Vision

Mixed in Brussels by Marc François / Studio BSB

Bernard Degavre / vocals, harmonica

Barry Mc Neese / bass

Fabrice Manzini / acoustic and electric guitars, lap-steel and dobro

Philippe Mobers / drums, percussions

Fabien Bernard / keyboards

Kevin Mulligan / dobro, pedal-steel, mandolin, irish bouzouki, organ-hammond

Pierrot Debiesme / acoustic guitar

Guy Stroobant / banjo

Gwenaël Micault / bandoneon, accordion

Pierre Michaud / Cello

Artistic direction / Barry Mc Neese

© 2010

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