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Bernard Degavre, author, composer and performer from Brussels, released his new album of 13 original songs.


Among the songs we will mention among others:


"Les Sommets européens", a positive and smiling evocation of the city of Brussels and multicultural through the European summits.


"Elle est belle la planète", which Bernard sings to us that "we should stop taking it for the ugliest starlets!"


"Swann and Barbara", a story of homeless youths who want to cope


"Le Pouvoir des Hommes" who denounces the autocratic powers even if the author tells us at the end of the song that "if we must we will take it - this power - with our guitars"


"AuTina's Café", where Tina invites visiting musicians to play on the stage of her bar that capsizes on the banks of the Gironde


"Rosa Parks" and its ongoing fight for civil rights in the US


"L'Espoir revient" soon after the fall of Wall Street bankers ... or the utopia of the return to the Woodstock era ...


... we'll let you discover the other songs.


To Pierre Van Dormael




Label: Méli-mélo - Distribution AMG RECORDS and HYSTERIAS

Recorded in Liège by Gérard Jouffroy / Studio Music Vision

Mixed in Brussels by Marc François / Studio BSB

Bernard Degavre / vocals, harmonica

Barry Mc Neese / bass

Fabrice Manzini / acoustic and electric guitars, lap-steel and dobro

Philippe Mobers / drums, percussion

Fabien Bernard / keyboards

Kevin Mulligan / dobro, pedal-steel, mandolin, Irish bouzouki, organ-hammond

Pierrot Debiesme / acoustic guitar

Stroobant guy / banjo

Gwenaël Micault / bandoneon, accordion

Pierre Michaud / Cello

Artistic direction / Barry Mc Neese


© 2010

"Suis Ta Route" CD Méli-mélo 221110

Les Tabloïdes 

CD Méli-mélo 08122015



Bernard Degavre denounces the sensational press.

Its author has only one goal: to spare the victims of these articles unnecessary damage by encouraging an ethical and responsible press.

The proceeds from the sale of this song are donated to the humanitarian association Kenbe Fèm which supports educational and cultural projects in Haiti: INFORMATION HERE

Bernard Degavre: vocals, harmonica
Barry Mc Neese: bass
Fabrice Manzini: acoustic guitar
Philippe Mobers: drums
Anne Wolf: keyboards
Recorded at the Low man's land studio in Brussels
Recording and mixing: Antoine Thonon
Artistic direction: Barry Mc Neese

"Les tabloïdes" (C) SABAM 2015 - lyrics and music Bernard Degavre - Méli-mélo productions

"Bernard Degavre en concert"  

  CD Méli-mélo - 250905



Concert recorded on 24.09.2005 at Espace Delvaux in Brussels as part of the "Chantons français" Rally in Brussels, an initiative of the Minister in charge of Culture at the French Community Commission (cocof), coordinated by the Biennale de la French song.


With the support of A.I.C.B. and the support of the Tournées Art et Vie - Broadcasting Service - General Sevice of the Performing Arts - Directorate General of Culture - Belgium.


Guy STROOBANT: acoustic guitar and banjo
Pierrot DE BIESME: electric guitar
Barry Mc NEESE: bass
Philippe MOBERS: drums
Bernard DEGAVRE: vocals, guitar and harmonica
Sound recording: Antoine THONON
Mixed by Patrick JOSSE and Barry Mc NEESE

Thanks to Bruno SEGERS


In tribute to Didier Arcq who initiated this concert


© 2005

Tu es tout simplement venue

CD Méli-mélo 210900


Label : Méli-mélo – Distribution AUTREMENT DIT

Mon petit café – J’aime tes cheveux dans les yeux – La mer que je suis – Je marcherai toujours – Il fait bon tendre – Sans manteau, ni bâton – Tout se dire avec… – Les arides mots – Mon Fratelli Crosio – Le mur de notre enfance – Tu es tout simplement venue.


Enregistré au studio de Bruno Segers (Watermael-Boitsfort) -
Prise de son Bruno Segers – Mixages: Henri Greindl


Piano, programmation synthés: Pascal Chardome
Guitares: Pierrot De Biesme
Bandonéon, accordéon: Gwenaël Micault
Cello: Pierre Michaud

Textes: Michel Cliquet – Musiques: Bernard Degavre

© 2000

Une fille pour la lune

(Vogue Belgium - VB.671)

45 TOURS – Une fille pour la lune – Label : « VOGUE » Une fille pour la lune – Vendredi soir Enregistré au studio « Hystérésis » Musiciens: Guitares: Pierre Van Dormael Claviers: Philippe De Cock Basse: Barry Mc Neese Drums: Philippe (Moby) Mobers Arrangements et direction musicale : Pierre Van Dormael Réalisation Alain Pierre Sleeve design : Alic Paroles et musiques: Bernard Degavre (Sabam 1982) Réf. catalogue : VB.671. Avec autorisation de CMCR (Carmusic éditions musicales).

© 1982