Barry Mc Neese

Barry McNeese began his professional bass career while pursuing his university studies in his hometown of Lexington, Kentucky, USA.

He plays with various rock bands, country, soul, promotes a group of bluegrass and is then engaged in the group "Second Hand Rose" with which he will travel the United States and Canada for three years. They accompany the legendary Ian Tyson, Canadian singer-songwriter.

At the same time, he enters the world of stage and studio musicians in Nashville. The end of this group encourages him to go to Brussels where he still lives.

He collaborates with many artists including Salvatore Adamo, Alain Bashung, Dani Klein, Philippe Lafontaine, Marc Lelangue, Jo Lemaire, Machiavel, The Machines, Mamemo, Maurane, Ludo Mariman, Christian Merveille, Bart Peeters, The Samantha Brothers, Sttellla ...

He also works in recording studios and it is him that we can hear in particular in "Coeur de Loup", "Torrimolinos", "Je passe pour une carvane" ...




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