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Author, composer and performer of French songs, from the French community of Belgium, you will find a summary of my career in the BIOGRAPHIES section  and on the website of  IDLM (Complete Music – CWB)


My activity currently focuses on 4 points:

1) the release of a new album at the end of 2021  : see home page and more  details HERE .


2) concerts with our own songs (Bernard Degavre in concert) - show included in French-speaking Belgium in the catalog of "Art & Life Tours".


3) our "Georges Moustaki" show , the presentation of which you will find on the " MOUSTAKI " page of this site.

4) a new show called "Voyage en chanson française"  also included in the catalog of the "Art & Life Tours" whose objective is to (re)discover, thanks to the Art and Life Tours, beautiful French songs, their authors, composers and performers and the themes, universal and timeless, which have inspired.

For organizers, you will find more information and documents to download on our " PRO SPACE " page.

The dates of our concerts can naturally be found on the " CONCERTS " page.

For the press and show organizers, please find below photos in portrait format and in landscape format to download per show: "Bernard Degavre in concert", "Moustaki" and "Voyage en chanson française". Complete collection on computer and iPad. Samples via Smartphones and iPhones.

At the bottom of the page, you will find some presentation links on other third-party sites.


Bernard Degavre in concert: portrait format photos

Photos: Serge Verheylewegen

Bernard Degavre in concert: landscape format photos

Photos: Serge Verheylewegen

Moustaki and "Voyage en chanson française" concerts: landscape photos

Photos: various

Moustaki and "Voyage en chanson française" concerts: portrait format photos

Photos: various

Photos: various